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1. When you find something beautiful and it adds joy and meaning to your life you want to share it with others:
A. My faith in God(As I have come to know Him)
He has blessed me with a wonderful wife, a beautiful daughter
and as of two years ago a great son-in-law.

(Make joyful music to the Lord)
which leads to the following:

B. Andre Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra
Two years ago when I first heard Andre and The JSO on TV my life changed forever!
I have always liked classical music, but the way he presents it brings it to life with
great joy and his music has helped me thru many trying times.

2. True wealth (in my opinion) is not the amount of money you have in the bank, but the amount
of friends you have in your life.

3. If you want true happiness, joy and meaning in your life, that is what you should share with others.
For (in my opinion) what you give in life you in turn receive back in like kind.

4. Finally, Never give up on your dreams! It is from dreams that many things in this world become
a reality!

The above is not meant to change anyones faith or the way you live your life.
It is just what I have learned in living my life!


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